The Beta Future of Feminism


Welcome to the BETA Presentation!
I genuinely found myself in a rabbit whole of research when conducting my pitch, and that’s how you know there’s a genuine interest in my chosen DA topic! I also really struggled to fit everything in 4 minutes which at first felt like all the time in the world, but the more I researched the more I had to narrow down what I was doing. Ultimately I couldn’t choose between pop culture opinion leaders and the array of James Cameron films on offer. They both offer insight into how variants of the future could look in different forms. I am excited to see this unfold! I’ve really felt myself commit to this topic and noticed a difference in my efforts between the beta and the original pitch improve 10 fold. I really focused on my feedback to help my project takes its course in the iteration process.

Heres my links to my Reddit threads I’ve used to gain some primary research;

Link To Blog Post #1:


4 thoughts on “The Beta Future of Feminism

  1. All for this topic Isabella! It’s so important that we attempt to break down the normalised misogynistic practices in our culture for all future generations, and aim to reevaluate the patriarchal systems that pervade our daily lives. As you said, feminism affects everyone; men, women and non-binary people alike. This topic relates very well to Wendell Bell’s comments about futurists and their long-term, holistic view of the future;

    “They aim to raise the level of human understanding and consciousness about the interrelatedness of all people to each other. Despite the apparent cultural diversity in the world, many futurists believe that humans everywhere, both as biological and cultural beings, have much in common. They see similarities not only in basic needs, but also in human goals and values. They see, too, the global growth of mutuality, and the need to define the collective aspirations of all humanity…In the broadest sense, futurists hope to inform people’s expectations of the future and to help make their efforts shape the future…”

    I think that looking at James Cameron’s films is a great approach to discussing the future of feminism. Entertainment media plays a large role in our cultural perceptions of femininity and the way we understand the world. Normalising women or otherwise feminine presenting characters in meaningful film roles, outside of the one-dimensional stereotypes that utilise negative tropes, plays a key role in changing attitudes towards feminism.

    This short academic article discusses Rose’s character from Titanic, in terms of the mythic ‘hero’ archetype. It explains how she represents a yearning to break free from the societal pressures placed upon her as an upper-class woman. You may be able to apply this article to an analysis of the film Titanic if you choose to take a look at it.

    Good luck and I look forward to seeing your blog posts!


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